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Business Partnerships

At allaround Care, we’ve forged meaningful partnerships with a spectrum of senior living communities, including independent living, assisted living, and nursing homes, as their trusted in-house home care agency. Our collaborative approach aims to provide holistic, personalized care solutions that cater to the unique needs of residents, ensuring comfort, security, and enhanced well-being. Leveraging our expertise and dedication to compassionate caregiving, we’ve seamlessly integrated our services within these facilities, fostering a harmonious environment where quality care meets the comforts of home.

We welcome the opportunity to expand our network further and invite professionals specializing in senior care to explore potential partnerships. Facilities and medical practitioners, including internal medicine and geriatric specialists, geriatric psychiatrists, and attorneys with expertise in wills and trusts, elder law, and family law, are encouraged to contact us. To explore how our collaboration can elevate your facility’s care standards or discuss partnership opportunities, please reach out to Babak KG, our President, via email at or by phone at 832-674-0659. Join us in our commitment to providing unparalleled care to the senior community.