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Our Caregivers


With a decade of experience in healthcare, Erik is driven by a genuine love for helping people and fostering relationships. His choice of healthcare as a profession aligns with his passion for making a positive impact on others. During his free time, Erik enjoys watching soccer, combining his dedication to people with a love for sports.


Elizabeth, with 8 years in healthcare, was inspired by her mother to contribute to the well-being of the community and seniors. Outside work, she enjoys yoga and walking her four dogs, showcasing her commitment to health and love for people in her multifaceted approach to a fulfilling life.


With 15 years in healthcare, Lydia chose the profession out of a genuine love for people. Her favorite activity is spending time with her family, friends, pets, and engaging in Christian servitude. Lydia’s extensive healthcare experience is complemented by her passion for meaningful connections and acts of service.


With five years of experience in healthcare, Rod is a dedicated professional driven by a genuine desire to become a doctor and positively impact lives through compassionate patient care. Beyond his healthcare pursuits, Rod enjoys staying active, whether it’s hitting the gym or playing tennis.


With 8 years of caregiving experience, Markisha’s passion lies in assisting others. In her free time, she enjoys hitting the gym or watching movies.


Margie, a caregiver for 3 years, finds joy in working closely with clients and appreciates the flexibility of her schedule. Her favorite pastime is indulging in shopping.


With 15 years of caregiving under her belt, Annie thrives on providing compassion to patients during challenging times. During her free time, she cherishes moments with family and explores new places.


With 6 years of caregiving experience, Erica takes pride in aiding the elderly in need and finds fulfillment in crafting and event planning during her leisure hours.


Possessing 14 years of caregiving expertise, Anna prioritizes safety and enjoys spending her free time traveling.


With over 30 years of caregiving experience, Vivian’s love for her clients shines through. During her downtime, she indulges in watching movies.


A caregiver for over 10 years, Rubin thrives on helping the elderly and children with autism, finding purpose in making a difference. His favorite hobby is building adult Legos.


With 11 years in caregiving, Teranika values being a source of comfort in her clients’ lives. In her leisure time, she enjoys watching movies and series.


With over 10 years of caregiving, Quenyatta is driven by helping others and motivating them to improve. Her favorite moments involve being with her kids and grandkids.


With over 5 years of experience, Breeonna treasures the connections with her clients and the joy of assisting others. Her favorite pastime is reading a book or spending time with family.


Celebrating 28 years in caregiving, Kimberly shares love and warmth. Her leisure activities involve watching movies.


With 18 years of caregiving, Michelle finds fulfillment in assisting those in need. During her free time, she enjoys crocheting and spending time at the beach.


Boasting 43 years of caregiving, Carmen finds purpose in caring for her clients and enjoys engaging in art and crafts activities with them.


With over 10 years of caregiving experience, Vanessa appreciates the wisdom of the elderly. In her free time, she values being with her family.


With 13 years in caregiving, Miriam’s satisfaction comes from taking care of sick individuals. Her favorite pastime is reading.


With 3 years of caregiving experience, Briana finds joy in caring for loved ones, bringing peace, and spreading joy. During her leisure hours, she enjoys listening to music, reading, and spending time with her family.